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Our range of packages puts the power of our insight capabilities, types of research and exclusive solutions into the hands of your business; all in one secure, user-friendly platform.

You can empower teams to access instant insights, safe in the knowledge that the questions and surveys apply the very latest in research best-practice while results dashboards take all the guesswork out of analysis.

Maru/HUB is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and adheres to the highest level of data security and compliance including GDPR.

  • Authoring

    Truly understand your customers with unlimited access to our advanced survey platform.

    Dig deeper into how your customers Think, Feel and Behave with access to Maru/HUB’s Authoring and Analysis and Reporting capabilities.

    • Unlimited user accounts, projects and surveys
    • Survey capability for in-depth research with flexible deployment options, including social channels and profiled respondents
    • Unlock access to advanced question types and analysis tools, such as Implicit Association Testing and Text Analytics, with Maru/HUB’s Authoring Plus package
    • Expert support, training and research guidance
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  • Solutions

    Access to expertly designed solutions to drive faster, focused decision-making across your organization.

    All Maru/HUB solutions are rooted in proprietary research best-practice so you can quickly make decisions with confidence.

    • Cost-effective access to standardized solutions for all your organization
    • Flex questions and customize surveys to tailored business metrics with Maru/HUB’s Solutions Plus package
    • Flexible deployment options, including direct links, social channels and profiled respondents
    • Integrated analysis tools, including Text Analytics and Analysis and Reporting
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  • Enterprise platform

    Gain complete control and governance over research projects with exclusive, branded platform access to Maru/HUB.

    Empower confident business decisions across your organization by ensuring projects utilize the very latest in research innovation and bring disparate data and results together in one, secure platform.

    • Branded Direct Access Portal environment
    • Manage access to standardized solutions and custom projects for your entire business
    • Flexible deployment options for standard surveys and complex research projects, including direct links and profiled respondents
    • Integrated analysis tools, including Text Analytics and Analysis and Reporting
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