Customer Experience

Grow your business with a customer experience that connects

People never forget how you make them feel and meaningful customer connections are built on emotional experiences.

Maru/HUB powers next-generation customer experience management with digital methodologies that accurately capture emotional, behavioral and attitudinal metrics in one. Our CX software platform supports both System 1 and System 2 methodologies so CX leaders can dig deeper into the drivers of great customer experiences.

Understanding emotions is about much more than simply asking customers how they feel. We employ customer centric cutting-edge tools, such as Implicit Association Testing (IAT), that help uncover elements that respondents can’t or won’t share through traditional questions by tapping into subconscious thought processes; and all through one engaging and gamified survey.

A flexible CX solution

Maru/HUB capabilities are integrated so you can build the ideal CX software package for your business and budget.

  • Authoring: create, launch and manage a CX survey designed for your business with custom questions and metrics, including emotional measurement. Smart technology and flexible deployment options means you’ll always capture the right feedback at the right time
  • Analysis and Reporting: dig deep in customer feedback and word of mouth to uncover what delivers meaningful customer connections for your brand. Quickly and easily prioritize areas for improvement
  • Data Visualization: empower action and confident decision-making with engaging data visualization dashboards that make your data come to life
  • Text Analytics: uncover hidden insights within customer comments with AI-powered text analytics technology
  • CX Relationship Pulse: understand what drives great experiences and repeat purchases with a smart, per-packaged solution designed by research experts