Market Research Platform

Make faster decisions with the world’s largest market research platform

Make better, faster, smarter business decisions in one global research and insights software platform.

Maru/HUB is the only online market research platform to combine research capabilities, agile types of research and smart solutions all in one secure technology ecosystem.

Power research across your organization from agile one-off surveys through to global CX research programs. Each capability and solution work seamlessly alongside one another, allowing you to create the ideal market research software solution for your business.


Pre-packaged, smart solutions that help you spark better connections with your customers.

Maru/HUB solutions are flexible. Tailored solution options mean you can benefit from world-renowned research design but with added metrics and measurements bespoke to your business needs.

Learn more about Maru/HUB’s flexible packages

  • Concept Screening: test concepts and ideas at the speed of business with Maru/HUB’s streamlined concept testing solution
  • Content Screening: connect customers with content that cuts through with Maru/HUB’s range of content testing solutions designed for digital, video, TV and print
  • CX Relationship Pulse: improve customer loyalty by understanding what drives great customer experiences and repeat purchases for your brand