Consumer Research

Create meaningful customer connections with a holistic understanding of behavior and emotion

Deep, meaningful customer connections are key to business growth.

You need to understand how customers Feel, Behave and Think if you want to effectively influence decision-making and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Maru/HUB is rooted in a wealth of behavioral science. Our Feel, Behave, Think market research framework informs everything that we do. Our combined System 1 and System 2 feedback methods make it easier to uncover customer expectations – and more importantly, how to act against them.

Uncover how your customers Feel, Behave and Think

Emotional Connections

Uncover how customers Feel, as well as how they Behave and Think, with Maru/HUB’s integrated survey authoring and questions toolkit.

Our System 1 approaches include ground-breaking digital methodologies, including Implicit Association Testing (IAT) and Emotional Signature, a digital visual semiotics tool. Each works seamlessly with traditional question approaches and advanced analytical techniques, such as choice-based methodologies, to give you a universal understanding of your customers.

The platform’s flexibility makes it ideal for a range of customer research projects; including concept testing, ideation and product development, customer experience, brand trackers and profiling and segmentation.

  • Authoring: better influence consumer decision making by understanding of how they Feel, how they Behave and what they Think towards your latest innovation and biggest business challenges
  • Solutions: understand how to build better emotional connections with smart solutions for concept testing, content testing and customer experience measurement with in-built System 1 and System 1 methodologies
  • Panel Communities: connect with customers ongoing with a connected System 1 and System 2 Panel Community toolkit