About Maru/Hub

Introducing the world’s first fully-flexible insights service model

All businesses rely on insight to make decisions and get closer to their customers. But to get a true picture of performance and customer needs, businesses must integrate feedback with other information.

Maru/HUB automatically brings together multiple data streams in a single ecosystem in real-time. This allows you to instantly analyze behavioral, transactional and attitudinal information to deliver insights at speed.

Our modular platform-approach allows teams to constantly innovate, expanding research projects without impacting performance. It’s designed for all users – from researchers to marketers - so businesses can react to changing customer needs quickly by making confident business decisions.

Already processing tens of millions of surveys per year, Maru/HUB is fully scalable and can effectively manage ad-hoc studies to global trackers.

  • Instant access to data and results

  • Proprietary research best practices

  • Global, multi-language capabilities

  • Intelligent data integration

  • Flexible project management

  • Security and compliance