Research Services

Research Services

Maru/HUB is a break-through market research platform that brings together leading technology, research experts and quality, known respondents in one ecosystem.

We don’t limit access to our technology or our people. Instead we give you the power to choose.

Our fully flexible service model empowers you to design research projects to your exact business needs and budget by accessing our robust suite of market research tools. Our global team of insights experts can support on any part of the process; from survey design through to analysis and insight storytelling.

Survey design

Capture a holistic understanding of consumer response.

  • Our researchers have been designing global market research surveys for over twenty years. Tell us your biggest business challenge and we’ll create for you the ideal survey design. We’ll combine qualitative and quantitative survey techniques with System 1 and System 2 feedback approaches to help you uncover how your customers and target audiences Feel, Behave and Think.
  • We are also experts in respondent engagement. Maru/HUB’s survey platform supports over 35 different question designs. We’ll advise on all aspects of creating surveys, including the best survey layouts and question wording that yield the greatest insights and results.