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Analysis and reporting

From US$1,000/month

Interrogate data and drive insights with technology that engineers better decision making

Intuitive user interface Flexible data filters and modifiers Real-time access to feedback and results
Gain real-time access to results and advanced research tools to deliver rich and robust insight to key areas of your business. In-built significance testing, data modifiers, crosstab analysis and tailored trending empower you to optimize analysis and reporting outcomes for your business to drive direct action and improvement.

Our analysis and reporting capability uncovers insight within your data and is ideal for;

  • Informing core business strategies with robust results
  • Interpreting brand perception and market awareness
  • Segmenting customer feedback by known information and key customer behavior
  • Understanding key drivers of behavioral change
  • Optimizing touchpoints and key moments within the customer journey
  • Enhancing marketing messages and campaign strategies
  • Ensure all business decisions are rooted in customer insight to prevent costly mistakes
  • Access results immediately and interrogate feedback to minimize risk and maximize opportunities
  • User-friendly interface designed for researchers and non-researchers alike
  • Flexible data manipulation and interrogation to uncover hidden insights within your data
  • Apply data filters, modifiers, date ranges and weighting to undertake more complex investigations
  • Get results directly to stakeholders with automated and scheduled reporting
  • Continuous real-time access to results
  • Export data into a range of formats, including PowerPoint, Excel and SPSS
  • Segment results by known behavioral or attitudinal information
  • Tag feedback with known respondent information, including device and location
  • Filter unreliable responses and speedsters
  • Automated reporting options
  • Supports English, French and Spanish reporting options and outputs