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QuestDIY - Maru/Blue or User supplied sample

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Rapid survey programing capability with flexible deployment

Rapid survey design Real-time results Flexible deployment options
Capture feedback from customers and audiences faster than ever and maintain a competitive advantage with Maru/HUB’s Agile Polls and Surveys platform. The simple-to-use Agile Polls and Surveys interface enables users to create and launch surveys in just minutes with multiple question types, flexible survey routing and instant deployment options to customer lists, external distribution channels or premium known respondents. Real-time data processing links results directly to Maru/HUB’s advanced Analysis and Reporting tool, empowering you to keep ahead of changing customer expectations, reactions and behavior to inform your next business move faster than ever before.
  • Tracking and measuring performance
  • Crisis management
  • Brand awareness and KPI measurement
  • Customer attitudes and expectations
  • Thought leadership and content creation
  • Staff surveys and employee feedback
  • Pre- and post-event measurement
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Instant deployment to customer contacts via email, external distribution using a secure survey link or premium known respondents via sample
  • Integrated Analysis and Reporting tool to explore results in detail
  • Ability to collect feedback in multiple languages within one Agile Survey with multi-language support
  • Options to customize the look and feel of surveys to match customer and in-house branding
  • Cost-effective Agile Authoring subscriptions available
  • 30 questions per survey
  • Available in nine languages, including English, Spanish, French and German
  • Supports standard question types, including multiple choice, rank order lists, sliders and open ends
  • Survey branding options available
  • Supports video and image questions
  • Ability to duplicate and re-use existing surveys
  • Directly integrated with Maru/HUB Analysis and Reporting
  • Response export options available