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Concept Screening

Starting at US$1,175

Test ideas at the speed of business

Validate ideas Quickly identify which ideas should be further developed, and which should be sent back to the drawing board
Validate your ideas and identify effective concepts with our streamlined concept test solution. Designed by insight experts using proprietary research best-practice, concept test solution identifies appeal and reactions to concepts from audiences. It removes the guess work from all analysis and allows you to identify the ideal solution for your customers and your business.

Our streamlined concept test solution quickly captures feedback, allowing you to test a wider range of ideas, fast and is ideal for initial concepts and ideas.

  • Uncover ideal concepts for next stage development
  • Optimize your R&D cycle
  • Disregard ideas, elements or features that fail to connect with customers
  • Industry-leading concept screening questionnaire design
  • Quick, easy to answer questions make it enjoyable for respondents
  • Flexible question options available to capture key metrics relevant to your business
  • Test ideas with existing customer base or wider target audiences
  • Test up to four concepts at once
  • Available in English, French and Spanish

Industry-leading research know-how

All our solutions are rooted in research best-practice and deliver superior respondent experiences without compromising data quality.

We're researchers by nature and our proprietary investigations into changing habits has shown simple scales deliver the same results as more complex survey design – and so all our surveys use binary measures as standard.

Our quick, easy-to-answer questions are system 1 friendly so you can truly tap into how customers Think, Feel and Behave. We believe that combing all three components provides a truly holistic understanding of performance.