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CX Relationship Pulse

Starting at US$1,175

Secure long-term customer loyalty by understanding what drives great experiences and repeat purchases

Measure brand advocacy Identify areas for improvement Connect with customers for closed-loop query resolution
Understand how satisfied customers are with your business and uncover the drivers of customer loyalty with our CX Relationship Pulse survey. Measure brand advocacy and satisfaction with key experience ratings. With the results, you’ll determine where and how to take action to improve loyalty and grow revenue for your business.

Our customer relationship survey is ideal for;

  • Measuring overall brand loyalty
  • Capturing wider experience feedback
  • Diagnosing specific customer issues
  • Tracking brand perception
  • Product and service usage and evaluation
  • Resolving individual customer queries raised as part of the feedback process
  • Understand key drivers of long-term loyalty and inform business strategy
  • Make confident decisions with clear scoring of individual issues
  • Pin-point improvements by customer type
  • Connect with customers and resolve individual issues or complaints with our closed-loop query resolution feature
  • Best-practice survey design utilizing smart technology with pre-determined research metrics
  • Uncover insight on key areas of your business with experience ratings and rich open text feedback for context
  • Cut data by type of customer, tenure and spend for truly actionable insight
  • Capture feedback from a defined sample of your customer database or wider target audiences with access to profiled, global respondents
  • Available in English, French and Spanish

Industry-leading research know-how

All our solutions are rooted in research best-practice and deliver superior respondent experiences without compromising data quality.

We're researchers by nature and our proprietary investigations into changing habits has shown simple scales deliver the same results as more complex survey design – and so all our surveys use binary measures as standard.

Our quick, easy-to-answer questions are system 1 friendly so you can truly tap into how customers Think, Feel and Behave. We believe that combing all three components provides a truly holistic understanding of performance.