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Data Visualization

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Bring data to life to make profitable decisions with confidence

Visualize data and feedback Share and socialize results Integrate data sources
Our data visualization tool brings feedback and data to life. Make the right business decisions with data you can trust, using powerful data visualization to uncover hidden insights in a matter of minutes.

Utilizing the analysis, visualization and integration features, our data visualization tool is ideal for;

  • Uncovering the story within your data
  • Pinpointing areas of strength or weakness
  • Prioritizing action and uncovering areas for further investigation and development
  • Engaging your business and compelling them to act through socializing insight in a dynamic dashboard
  • Measuring and tracking brand perception and performance
  • Improving touchpoint and brand experiences

Understand your customers better with a holistic view of performance

  • Create and share dynamic dashboards in minutes
  • Bring data to life and uncover hidden insights with over 30 charts, graphs and data visualization features
  • Articulate information in a way everyone in your business can understand
  • Share and socialize results quickly and effectively around your business
  • React to feedback and customer issues before they effect sales, performance and perception
  • Break down silos by configuring market research data in a way that's relevant for individuals, departments and stakeholders
  • Overlay feedback with existing financial, operational and behavioral data
  • Over 30 charts, graphs and data visualization types
  • Customized branding with flexible color schemes, displays and font choices
  • Built-in analysis tools, including significance testing and Brand Advocacy ratings
  • Unlimited page layouts and hierarchical views
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive omni-channel platform
  • Mobile-optimized dashboards and reports
  • Multiple export options, including automatic, scheduled reports sent direct to stakeholders
  • Combine market research data and supporting information together