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Influencer social listening

From US$120/month

What if you could know who your brand’s Insiders were? Our new influencer social media tool blends influential experts with the power of AI to discover what really matters.

Identify influencers that matter Discover the content they read and what they react to Weekly digests to keep up with content sparking the most interest
Influencer Social Listening tool identifies influencers that matter. These influencers direct the social conversation within a topical community. Their sphere of influence can change the conversation about your brand for better or worse. With Influencer Social Listening we can help you identify: Who is important in a topical community; What social conversations are happening within their sphere of influence; Where the impactful digital content is coming from. The inside view into what the topical community is reading, viewing, consuming and interacting with.

Our superhuman social influencer listening is perfect for;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Influencer Relations
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Planning
  • Amplifying your content
  • Uncover who is important to communities or topics beyond high-profile influencers
  • Understand the social conversation around topics and messaging important to your business
  • Identify and impact where influential, high-profile content is coming from
  • Optimize digital channels and social outreach to better target customers and influence decisions
  • Discover custom topics important to you or choose from predefined categories
  • Explore content and influencers in one easy-to-manage dashboard
  • Create weekly email digests to stay up to speed with influencers and influential content

Industry-leading research know-how

Case Study


To ensure the successful launch of an upcoming product, one global brand needed a way of effectively understanding the tone of key social conversations, as well as identify who was shaping the conversation within the product category.


Maru/HUB's Influencer Social Listening tool was able to acurately identify and prioritize influencers within the product category, as well as uncover social and digital content that both influencers and category users were most attuned to.


By focusing on who was most influential within the product category, and not just who was making the most noise, the brand was able to magnify the impact of product launch campaign, creating a larger share of voice for less media spend.