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Text Analytics

From US$1,000/month

Unlock the value from unstructured data and customer comments

Automated free text analysis Flexible algorithms Multiple data sources
Harness the power of verbatim by understanding, quantifying and tracking comments. Customize features, algorithms and categories in a few simple steps to ensure outputs and results are relevant to your touchpoints, business and marketplace.

Our industry-leading text analytics tool is perfect for uncovering pain points, tracking issues and prioritizing action for;

  • Customer survey feedback
  • Live chat conversations
  • Customer and product reviews
  • Customer service transcripts
  • Existing qualitative feedback, including focus group data and video transcripts
  • Social media comments
  • Minimize risk and take immediate, informed action with real-time, automated results
  • Uncover pain points at key customer moments
  • Stay ahead of changing customer expectations
  • Prioritize action and focus investment based on what's important to customers
  • Identify the heroes in your business by uncovering and sharing great stories hidden in your data
  • Track issues and their impact on customers over time
  • Improve and optimize customer service experiences
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Create and modify code-frames and customize to business needs
  • Categorize and quantify textual data, fast
  • Analyze thousands of comments at any one time
  • Interrogate customer feedback direct from surveys or import existing textual data
  • Analyze comments in up to eight languages
  • Visualize data with word clouds or contextualize with charts and graphs
  • Export categorized results